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Proper facial cleansing is the foundation for beauty and health of the skin.

In addition to sebum, impurities and fine dust, can penetrate the intracellular spaces, creams, make-up, cream residues and sunscreens are also layered on the face; therefore, cleaning the skin in the evening is an essential routine to allow it to oxygenate and regenerate during nighttime rest.
Evening cleaning is also necessary when there is no make-up to remove.
The purpose of this cleaning is the elimination of sebaceous secretion, impurities and pollution accumulated during the day.
It is often believed, incorrectly, that if you have already cleansed your skin at night you will not need to do it the following morning.
At night the skin regenerates, releasing impurities and toxins. These toxins accumulate on the face and the skin gets more greasy.
If you do not wash your skin in the morning by applying the moisturizer directly, you will trap impurities, predisposing to congestion, infection, loss of tone and accelerated aging of the skin.

Moreover, an excellent skin cleansing is also necessary to maintain its balance under the best conditions as long as it is not aggressive. In short, hygienic action must not become more harmful than sebum stagnation , sweat and cell debris. Our Essential Face & Body line offers a complete range of products for cleansing and exfoliating for face and body skin. All the products of the line perform a specific action aimed at revitalizing the epidermis and removing follicular impurities, thoroughly cleansing the skin but at the same time respecting the correct value of the skin pH.

Use morning and evening Hyaluronic Mousse for dehydrated skin cleansing, donkey milk for dry skin and marked by wrinkles and frown lines and MOUSSE CITRUS for a skin that presents impurities and imperfections.

Cleansing emollient vitamin cream with a rich consistency thanks to the presence of donkey milk, it goes on the epidermis respecting the integrity of the natural hydro-lipid film and the cutaneous pH.

Soft and very precious foam based on hyaluronic acid and fresh aloe juice ideal for dry and dull skin. It deeply cleanses the skin leaving it hydrated and soft.

Soft and fine detergent foam based on lime and orange blossom honey.