A natural formulation but with efficacy and cosmetic results.

Biocosmeceutics are born from the revolutionary scientific discoveries of two American Nobel Prizes for medicine, Sutherland and Gilman, on the importance of using active ingredients that allow cells to interact more efficiently, by inserting into the mechanisms with which they exchange information . They are cosmetics close to the medicines in terms of concentration and penetration capacity of active ingredients but, produced with ingredients and formulations of natural origin, with a high concentration of active functional substances, with attention to the choice of raw materials and production processes with a low environmental impact.

  • High concentration of active substances
  • Application of advanced biotechnologies resulting from modern cosmetological research
  • Multifunctional formulas based on synergistic combinations of active ingredients.
  • Integrated protocols in complete and structured therapies with specific products for home-based self-care.

All products are free of parabens, paraffins, petrolatum.

THE COMPLETE RANGE: science and nature to create the best products for professional aesthetics

A complete range of cutting-edge professional products dedicated to the operators of the sector that combines active ingredients able to improve and preserve the functionality of the skin.

Highly concentrated ingredients carefully selected from the best raw materials, capable of carrying out targeted actions and proven effectiveness, and, able to provide concrete answers to every need of beauty.The products are a concentrate of active ingredients that, in synergy within each other, enhance the work of the beautician, amplifying the results. The line for professional use is enriched by home-made products that allow to intensify and maintain the benefits of treatments done in the cabin over time.

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